Think Wellbeing

We offer a full wellbeing service focussed on workplace and schools including consultancy, training, workshops, 1:1 clinics and ergonomic support.

Poor mental health is now the number one reason for employee absence, with at least one in six workers experiencing common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression in any given week.

Promoting positive mental health in the workplace is beneficial for both the organisation and the individual. Employees with good mental and physical health are more likely to have good attendance levels, be more productive and engage more with their role.

Think Wellbeing offers bespoke training to suit different organisational needs and varied budgets. Our courses aim to promote physical and mental wellbeing for the individual and the organisation.

We encourage positive wellbeing by supporting individuals and groups, raising awareness and offering practical tools to maintain a healthier workplace. We can deliver talks, workshops and courses or arrange wellbeing days for local companies, national organisations and schools.

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